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Relax, Pain relief, Increase Energy and Balance

Therapeutic massage promotes relaxation of the body and mind, which can promote pain management goals of eliminating chronic or acute pain. At Body & Soul Thai Massage, we work with our clients to develop individual treatment plans to ease the pain associated with headaches, sore shoulders, backaches and many other common conditions.

Thai massage has been a part of the Thai traditional healing for over 2000 years. The technique is performed in homes in Thailand by family members. Grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers and fathers would have their children walk on their bodies and use their hands to compress the tissues, allowing them to physically feel better. Strengthening the family bond, massage creates a feeling of connection between giver and receiver and the children learn about caring, loving, humility and appreciation.

In the past, temples were used both to educate and to serve as health care facilities. Thai massage is modified from the stretching exercises hermits performed to heal their bodies from stiffness and aches caused by sitting for long periods of time in meditation.

Traditional healers, gurus and kickboxers studied the pressure points and meridians (energy lines) of the body that are incorporated into Thai Massage techniques today.

As Buddhism spread to Thailand from India and Srilanka, the Ayurvedic medical science also influenced Thai Massage. Sculptures and murals showing various stretching exercises for body aliments can be seen today in Thailand. The famous Wat Po Temple in Bangkok is an excellent example where the Thai Massage Institute and traditional medicine has existed for last 300 years.

The two most common types of Thai Massage commonly practiced today are:

Royal or Ayurvedic massage: The therapist works on pressure points along the meridians (energy lines) using their hands. This form of therapeutic massage focuses on relieving physical symptoms. If there are symptoms present, the work may be painful in the beginning. Performed on Royal Families, the use of bare hands was considered polite. Taught in Thai Medical Schools and other schools of alternative medicine.

Folk Massage: This type of therapeutic massage is more popular, easier to perform and mostly practiced in the United States. The massage therapist uses their hands, feet, elbows and thumbs and may walk on your body as well to stretch and stimulate the meridians.

We blend a mixture of Eastern and Western techniques into a uniquely effective treatment. In addition, we offer hot stone massage, Bone Work, reflexology and the use of herbal bags. We have many long-term clients whose loyalty reflects our positive results. They understand how effective Thai massage can be for healing, restoring balancing and improving overall well-being.