Massage Treats Body, Mind and Soul to relax , Increase Energy and Balance

In the Thai tradition, massage and other body work are key elements of overall health, much like diet, exercise and adequate sleep. At Body & Soul Thai Massage, we work with our clients to develop individual treatment plans to achieve their goals.

Massage therapy promotes relaxation of the body and mind, which can ease the pain of headaches, sore shoulders, bad backs, and many other common conditions. But we recognize that stress may be as serious a problem for some clients as physical ailments.

Our therapists blend Thai and Swedish techniques into a uniquely effective treatment. In addition, we offer stone massage, Bowen Work, reflexology and the use of herbs. We have many long-term clients whose loyalty reflects our positive results. They understand how effective Thai massage can be for healing, restoring balancing and improving overall well-being.

of Operation

Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 9 p.m.